Kallista Kusumanegara: Italy

Kallista Kusumanegara ’13 studied the link between modern Venetian art and Venice’s ‘sinking’ into the Adriatic Sea during a nine-day visit to the city in early July for her Junior Summer Fellowship study.

“The Adriatic Sea is rising, so people aren’t really sure if Venice is going to exist in the next fifty to sixty years,” Kusumanegara said.

Kusumanegara found a main link between Venice’s situation and how it affected the native artists. Through interviews with artists she found that they were using the city’s sinking as a method for economic gain instead of a source of inspiration.

“The environment serves as a kind of business,” Kusumanegara said. “It’s not really serving as an inspiration to artist.”

Whereas the museums are no longer of interest, street vendors are selling paintings of the sinking Venice to tourists and using the situation to their economic advantage since Venice’s unique environmental circumstances cannot be helped anyway.

“You know how art is usually cultured students and normal people, you think that art is a passion, and now I’m seeing it as a business, which is very disappointing,” Kusumanegara said.

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