28 qualify as National Merit semifinalists

28 seniors qualified to be National Merit Semifinalists based on their 2011 PSAT/NMSQT scores.

Charlie Andrews-Jubelt

Wendy Chen

Madeleine Friendly

Samantha Frischling

Ben Gail

Brendan Gallagher

Rhett Gentile

Clinton Hooks

Martine Johannessen

Brian Jun

Harrison Kalt

Kenneth Kim

Maya Landau

Joshua Lappen

David Lim

Elana Meer

Yasmin Moreno

Elias Putnam

Michael Rothberg

Chris Sebastian

Demren Sinik

Ben Vigman

Jack Wilding

Liza Wohlberg

Sam Wolk

Ashley Wu

Caitlin Yee

Adam Zucker

Source: Upper School Deans

Correction: In the October Issue, the Chronicle omitted the names of three students from the list. All the students that qualified as National Merit Semifinalists are represented here.

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