Security begins ALICE Training with sophomores

Students tackled and threw tennis balls at padded security guards during the first ALICE Training of the year, last week. Security guard Mark Geiger described procedures used during the circumstances of a forced entrance. Geiger told sophomores to attack the guard, rather than hiding ineffectively and defensively.

“He told us about a Virginia Tech shooting and how everyone hid instead of attacking, and helplessly were killed,” Zac Harleston ’17 said.

Following the example of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting which killed 32, Harvard-Westlake administration decided to teach students on how to react assertively instead of sitting idly.

Geiger gave each student two tennis balls to throw at a padded security guard to practice convenient objects in a real-life situation. He also gave the option to tackle the security guard.

“Around 1/4 of the kids tried tackling the security guard,” Harleston said, “I tried it. I feel more secure because now that we are aware, we know what to do in a dangerous situation like this. I really learned a lot from the experience and that when a shooter comes into the room, you have to be aggressive.”


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