Students handcraft clay bones to fight genocide

By David Woldenberg

The Genocide Awareness Club, in association with BLACC, hosted an event in Feldman-Horn Gallery where students had the opportunity to make clay bones for the One Million Bones Project. The event was also held to honor the organization Justin Carr For World Peace.

The project’s goal is to display one million hand-crafted bones in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. for Act Against Atrocities: Advocacy Day. The purpose of the three-day installation, taking place June 8 to June 10, is to spread awareness of mass atrocities and genocides past and present.

“The first step of making change is to make people aware,” Upper School Visual Arts Department Head Cheri Gaulke said, “As powerful large scale artwork this project will do just that.”

Students were invited to come make bones from Monday April 15 to Wednesday April 17. The event in Washington, D.C. will feature speakers, workshops, and a candlelight vigil. For every bone created, $1 will be donated by the Bezos Family Foundation.

Gaulke recommended the project when the GSA and BLACC decided to host the event in honor of Justin Carr’s foundation. Arielle Winfield ’13, one of the club leaders of the BLACC, is a ceramic artist and came to make bones both to honor Carr’s cause and to support the national project.

“I think it is important for students to be aware of how art can function in society to raise awareness,” Gaulke said. students of that can be done.”

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