Some change is for the better

Some change is for the better

One of the reasons I kept going back to Laurel South summer camp year after year until two years ago was because of how receptive the staff was to constructive criticism and hearing the campers’ thoughts and suggestions each summer. At the end of August, just as the camp was about to adjourn, the director […]

Finding my own community

Everyone told me that junior year would suck — and I believed it. From having English and history essays due on the same day to simply not having enough time to sleep, I, like many others, focused on the negative aspects of high school. Every day, I hear about stress, and I completely understand, having […]

Taking pride in my college

As part of Senior Transition Day, the documentary film “The Hunting Ground” was shown to inform graduating seniors about the issue of sexual assault on college campuses across America. As part of the film, countless brave men and women were interviewed about their experiences with sexual assault on college campuses. With each survivor’s story, the […]

Trying to maintain an inclusive student body

“Harvard-Westlake strives to be a diverse and inclusive community united by the joyful pursuit of educational excellence, living and learning with integrity, and purpose beyond ourselves.” We’ve heard these words of the mission statement many times from President Rick Commons, enough for the student body to make jokes about it, because most of us feel […]

Let's talk about feminism (the right way)

A part of me really wants to shrink behind Emma Watson and let her do the talking. Although the actress’ speech at the U.N. conference in January introducing the HeForShe campaign, a solidarity movement for gender equality, was the most inclusive feminist message I have heard yet, even she was not immune from the sexist […]

Fostering community

While the lipstick “vandalism” incident last month may have disappeared from most people’s minds, I can’t help but remember the conversations it sparked during both my seventh period Chronicle class and on the quad days after. Although people felt torn about the topic, from feeling like it created more unnecessary work for the maintenance staff, […]

You code like a girl

Whenever I tell people that I plan to pursue a career in technology, I always meet the same response: “Wow. You don’t seem like that kind of person.” Most people, when presented with the idea of a tech junkie, think of two kinds of people: a Silicon-Valley dweller with the latest iPhone in hand or […]

New lunch period creates more problems than it solves

I can’t help the loud crunching my salad makes as I sit in Chemistry eating. Everyone turns and stares, but that is the reality of having no time in a day to eat lunch. I rush up the stairs from Chronicle to Ceramics, weighed down by my backpack and my lunchbox swinging from my wrist. […]

Create a more supportive school environment

The closure of the Seaver bathroom is definitely a hot-button topic on campus right now. It stirred conversations concerning the classification of graffiti and vandalism. Personally, we believe that the situation was handled poorly — yes, it did create extra work for maintenance, but why did it need to be cleaned up in the first […]

Losing time to read for fun

reading for funI would stay up for hours, sometimes well into the early hours of the next morning, engrossed in a book. Now that I am in high school, I find myself in a similar position: neck craned over a book, eyes scanning every line. However, this time, I am not reading quickly and staying […]

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