Dear Mr. President,

As we acknowledged in August, many of our suggestions did not fall under your direct jurisdiction, especially since you decided to step back from the action your first year (which we agree was the best move for a brand-new president). Still, that doesn’t mean you’re getting off easy; it only makes sense to follow up. […]

Reevaluate Civitalks

Contrary to what the five tests you have this week might lead you to believe, the year is winding down, and fast. It’s the season of assessment (and promposals and Assassin 3.0) — AP exams, finals and report cards assign inarguable judgment to the (academic) way in which we’ve spent the last nine months. Why […]

Don't sacrifice diversity for convenience

Despite this, the Black Leadership and Culture Club maintained the tradition by bringing in Wes Moore, one of the most popular speakers in recent years. It wasn’t his race that made him a great speaker, it was his passions and the eloquence with which he expressed them, as well as the experiences which his race […]

A step towards increased transparency

Previous efforts to address the transparency issue included school-wide emails, which it’s doubtful the entire student body read, and optional meetings in Father J. Young’s office, which very few students, if any, attended. This new method ensures that every student will hear the entirety of the case and the decision and be given the opportunity […]

Take service seriously

When we students use our talents to do good for others and the greater community around us in areas that we are passionate about, we become passionate about and connected to the hands-on service that we’re pursuing. So, why is it then, that each year, nearly 100 students fail to complete the community service requirement? […]

Be more supportive

For weeks, only one topic has occupied the minds, and unfortunately the mouths, of the senior class. With acceptances, deferrals and rejections streaming in from colleges, chatter about where our peers are going has risen to a fever pitch. It’s natural that this talk arises, and that it can often leave people with hurt feelings. […]

Respect those who take the time to instruct you

But every assembly speaker deserves the respect we afforded Thursday’s speaker, if not more. Incredibly, there was still some talking during the story of how one man saved 1,268 people from genocide. But there was far less talking, texting, studying and sleeping in this recent assembly than there was the week before, when the president […]

Un-Pak your ideas

You’d think that with a name like Pak, it would be easy to think of a pun, and yet I still haven’t figured out what my Facebook name should be. Every year, seniors embrace the tradition of changing their names on Facebook. Originally intended to hide profiles from colleges or companies, these new names range […]

A few of my secrets

We all have secrets.  Some secrets are the result of things we keep private from others for fear that we might be judged harshly.  Some secrets just happen, not because of anything we do or say, but just because life moves fast and people don’t have the time or interest to learn these secrets. My […]

Your shutdown rundown: what you need to know

You’ve probably heard a lot about the debt ceiling and the shutdown in recent weeks, but it’s admittedly pretty hard to understand the complex fiscal policies and decisions of the United States. So, I’ve assembled a handy FAQ for all your shutdown information needs. Why is there a government shutdown? Basically, Congress didn’t pass a […]