Don't blame Yik Yak

After wreaking havoc at many schools across the country, the popular app Yik Yak recently made its way here. For those who have not scrolled through the app themselves, Yik Yak is an app that allows users to post anonymous messages that anyone within a 1.5-mile radius can view, making it the perfect medium for […]

Judgment isn't conducive to success in the real world

I personally think Jef Mallett is the unsung genius of this generation. He’s the illustrator and writer of the comic strip “Frazz,” and before I continue, yes, I do read the comic section of the Los Angeles Times every morning. A recent “Frazz” strip compared schooling to preparing for a marathon, and asked the question […]

Misfortune cookies

Ever since I started high school, my biggest fear has not been the SAT or not getting enough sleep; it’s fortune cookies. My irrational and extremely foolish fear of the cookies is based on my experience that my fortune always ends up being wrong in the worst way possible. For example, during my second week […]

It’s not nuts to be cautious: Being allergic in a nutshell

Anyone who has shared a meal with me knows I carry an Epi-Pen at all times and many can even recite my speech: “I’m allergic to all nuts, seeds and coconuts.” They all know I triple check to make sure nothing accidentally gets into my food. I take my allergies seriously, and they require a […]

The benefits of Facebook

Living without it has never really been a problem for me. I understand that a majority of others have it and that’s something I have accepted. Life without a Facebook account has its downfalls, but I have learned to live without this seemingly vital social tool. I have never been in a Poke war or […]

No more prom clichés

Prom is weird, or maybe it’s just me. I just can’t help chuckling to myself every time I see another proud Prince Charming boldly bestowing his $5 roses and $10 chocolates on another swooning teeny bopper girl, who runs up and hugs her suitor as if this is the happiest day of her week. There […]

Ignorance is not bliss

We sometimes fall prey to the normal tendencies of a teenager—to focus on the problems we’re faced with every day, from the most significant to the petty and least important. But it’s too easy to do just that, to think of ourselves and how we can further our own dreams and goals, how we can […]

The new SAT seems to bring more harm than good

Anyone who’s been through the college process will remember the buzz, a mix of mystery and terror, surrounding the SAT. Now, with the announcement of changes coming to the infamous test in 2016, the discussion has only intensified. My problem with this new test is multifaceted. It seems to me to be a dumbing-down of […]

There's no shame in sitting

Last year, the student body struggled mightily with being mature and respectful during assemblies. The problem didn’t stop there. During dance performances, plays and class meetings the glare of phone screens and whispers pervaded the mass of students supposedly listening intently to the events taking place on stage. This year, I’ve noticed that we have […]

Hooked on the Olympics

In the Goldsmith household, we often say that our family sport is sulking. This is partially due to our conflicting personalities – without naming names, I’m just going to say that some of us are a little stubborn, and we have a shared tendency (maybe it’s genetic) to fume silently during arguments. The other reason, […]

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