Why does Harvard-Westlake hate humanities?

The imbalance between the varied list of math and science classes and meager amount of English or language courses is disappointing, to say the least. As I thumb through my curriculum guide, STEM courses take up a staggering 21 pages. And while there are many humanities courses offered as electives, the core English curriculum list […]

Take a stand against rape culture

When I first saw miniature pairs of jeans cut out from denim dangling from the second story of the Munger Science Center, I did a double take. Then I remembered Denim Day. When I walked further into campus and saw the walls adorned with jeans decorated with phrases like “No means no,” I thought only […]

Separate Prefect Council and the Honor Board

I’ve been waiting since August to write this column. I’ve been waiting for the right time, looking for the right news peg to naturally spark what I’ve always had swirling around in my head. I haven’t found it, and, frankly, I’ve come to realize that I don’t need it. It’s time for me to make […]

Allow yourself to appreciate the unexpected novel

When I looked at the syllabus for my AP Lit class back in August and saw “Mrs. Dalloway” wasn’t listed, I thought I knew exactly why I was so distraught. I’ve considered it one of my favorite novels and Virginia Woolf one of my favorite authors since I read it in the ninth grade. Ever […]

Appreciate the opportunities

Dear Editors, I think your Oct. 15 Opinion piece “Choosing between my education and my education” (written by Julia Aizuss ’14) misses a few important points regarding the college process and in-class learning. The article asserted that it was important to attend on-campus college meetings to “show interest” in schools you are applying to, and […]

In defense of rigor

A Los Angeles Times headline recently proclaimed that “At Harvard-Westlake School, Some Wonder if Standards Are Too High.”  I, for one, believe that as a community, we would be much better off wondering if our standards are high enough. When I arrived at Harvard-Westlake 12 years ago, I knew that I had come to a […]

Making a lasting difference

It’s a new year and a new beginning; we have a new president and many new opportunities for change. Our transition to the heads of student government coincides with arguably the biggest administrative shift this school has undergone since its merger in 1992, and we feel privileged to be inaugurated at the same convocation as […]

‘From caring comes courage’

It has been our practice for the past several years to introduce a character education theme or motto at the beginning of each school year.  The mottos are intended to be aspirational, to give all of us—students, teachers and coaches on both HW campuses—common language, a common experience, and a point of departure for conversations […]

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