Class tests driving reactions

Science teacher Walt Werner’s Anatomy and Physiology class determined by experimentation that texting and talking on the phone while driving can increase reaction times by more than 50 percent. Students worked in groups of two in the lab. One student held a button attached to a light behind his or her back, and the second […]

School starts using breathalyzers

The school has purchased breathalyzers for the security department to keep students safe when it suspects they are intoxicated, Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas said. “[The breathalyzers] are there as a tool that’s nice to have if you need them,” Barzdukas said. The school security guards, who work for a third party company hired […]

President's Spotlight honors aid recipients

Nearly 300 alumni and parents and 10 students on financial aid attended the annual President’s Spotlight Dinner March 9. “It is a wonderful way to honor [the students on financial aid] and impart the message that financial aid is a big part of our excellence and community,” President Rick Commons said. Oscar Cancio ’04 and […]

School may provide faculty measles vaccine

As a child, science teacher Walt Werner contracted the measles. As an adult, Werner developed non-Hodgkins lymphoma and took a five-month medical leave last year to undergo treatment, which included chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. During Werner’s chemotherapy treatment, doctors targeted cancer cells, which, because of the type of cancer Werner had, meant intentionally […]

Sophomore earns perfect score on AP computer science exam

Justin Rose ’17 was one of 12 students in the world to receive a perfect score on the 2014 AP Computer Science Exam. Rose was one of two freshmen from Harvard-Westlake to take the exam last year. To prepare for the exam, he took an online course in computer science during the school year and […]

Toxic Turf?

Every time field hockey player Caitlin Neapole ’16 removes her shoes after practice, tiny pieces of ground-up tires fall out. Field hockey player Alexandra Grande ’16 is also intimately familiar with the crumb rubber pellets that form the base of the school’s artificial field turf. “I’ve gotten those in my hair and clothes and even […]

'Funny or Die' looks familiar

It all started with a promise. “Vote for me, and I’ll convince the school to sell candy and junk food in the cafeteria,” a candidate for student body president says in the “Funny or Die” video “Snackpocalypse.” He wins in a landslide, obviously. Fast forward a few weeks. All of the bright students have been […]

Activities Fair to allow students to browse clubs

Prefect Council will host Activities Fair during break Sept. 15 to allow students a chance to browse and sign up for clubs. “I didn’t really have much time to participate in clubs at the upper school [last] year, but now that I’m used to the campus, I’m thinking about joining the math club,” Sean Jung […]

School admits record number of new sophomores

Twenty-three new sophomores and three new juniors joined the school this September, the most new upperclassmen the school has enrolled in the past five years. “This is the most that we have had since my time here,” Dean Beth Slattery said. Better applicants have allowed for an extended sophomore and junior class, said Scott Turner, […]

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