Artist creates giant bear for class

Grizzly bears can grow up to nearly 10 feet tall and five feet wide, and can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. Darby Caso’s ’14 bear is nearly as big, but weighs almost nothing and is made out of plastic. The bear, when it lies on its side, spans about nine feet in length and four […]

Slattery, Cuseo can’t quite seem to ‘Let it Go’

“You have a stuffed Olaf?” upper school dean Sharon Cuseo questioned fellow dean Beth Slattery with a hint of envy beneath her curiosity. “Where did you even find one of those?” she added. “They’re sold out everywhere.” Slattery and Cuseo have shared a lot in the nine years they have worked side-by-side as upper school […]

OFFBEAT: Student writes “rise,” “subvert” messages

The third time wasn’t quite the charm for Teddy Leinbach ’15 when his latest exploit with chalk on the upper school campus resulted in a week’s worth of detention. He first struck with a few monograms drawn on the walls before winter break, when he figured he might as well use the piece of chalk […]

Students mimic dance video game routines to celebrate end of school week

Once the clock strikes 2:35 on Friday afternoons, not every classroom gets a full weekend’s rest. Instead, the English classrooms in the Rugby annex welcome students once more, but not for poring over great works of literature — for dancing. One day around Halloween, Perren Carrillo ’15 hooked up his laptop to Rugby 222’s projector, […]

Senior tapes more than 100 "student humor" jokes

First, Aidan Yetman-Michaelson ’14 was told to order crumbly bread. Then, he was instructed to ask for oil. Next, he had to demand that the sandwich not be cut. While oil was smeared on the bread, shout that there’s not enough oil, and call the employee by name. Lastly, stuff the purchased sandwich down the […]

Senior to star in independent film about golf, coach-player dynamics

Bakari Bolden ’14 has taken his golf prowess to the big screen. Bolden has been acting in a feature film for the past two weeks in Palm Springs and will be filming until Nov. 20, he said. The movie, entitled “Little Loopers,” is about a young golfer, played by Bolden, and his relationship with his […]

Teachers hike Hollywood

More than 25 teachers from both the Middle and Upper School toured celebrity homes and hotspots on a hike in the Hollywood Hills Saturday, Oct. 12. Upper school math teacher Bill Thill led the trip, accompanied by his friend William Miltenberger, a guide from Bikes and Hikes LA. “Last year, we ran a smaller hike […]

Salamandra exercises body, mind with new desk

Senior alumni officer Harry Salamandra didn’t just change to a new office this year when the Alumni Office moved up the hill above the security kiosk, where former President Tom Hudnut used to work. He changed the very fundamentals of his workspace too, trading in his old office desk for a treadmill desk. “For me, […]

Science teacher’s shirts reflect curriculum

Like years of AP Physics C classes before them, when this year’s crop of Phys C students stepped into their first class today, they were greeted by physics teacher John Feulner in his “I <3 Physics” T-shirt. His astronomy students received a similar welcome. For them, Feulner changed midway through the day into an “I […]

Hudnut gives away books, tchotchkes

“Someone grabbed the beautiful thing that I had,” President of School Thomas C. Hudnut said as he stood among a room full of various tchotchkes and memorabilia he had collected in the past 26 years. He was searching for an item he wished to show to Director of Payroll Sue Sherman, who had trekked to […]