Students win awards for Latin exam scores

Four students received awards for their scores on the National Latin Exam. Alexandra Liao ’15 and Howard Deshong ’17 were awarded certificates for their perfect scores on the March exam. Additionally, Dylan Schifrin ’16 and Deshong won the Maureen O’Donnell Oxford Classical Dictionary Award for receiving four consecutive gold medals on the exam througout their […]

Yearbook adviser to attend nursing school

Middle School Communications Department Head Jen Bladen will be leaving Harvard-Westlake after nine years of advising the Vox Populi yearbook to go to community college to satisfy her requirements for nursing school, which she plans to attend in the fall of 2016. After seven trips to the emergency room last year and uncertainty over why […]

Visual arts teacher to retire after 25 years

Visual arts teacher Art Tobias will retire after 25 years of teaching at Harvard-Westlake to continue working in his ceramics studio and on other projects that are “halfway completed.” Tobias began teaching in a reform school system in Arkansas for eight years and moved to California to teach at the Pilgrim School for another three […]

Students volunteer at DIY workshop

Students volunteered May 9 at a do-it-yourself workshop at the Pacoima Community Youth Center aimed at increasing elementary and middle school-aged girls’ interest in technology. Parent Mirian Avalos (Karenina Juarez ’16) was in charge of the event. Volunteers set up, organized the DIY materials and helped the girls and their mothers with the projects. The […]

Library coloring books help to relieve stress

Coloring books will be provided in the library through the end of the year to help students relieve stress. The librarians purchased the coloring books for the April 24 overnight reading of “Moby Dick” but decided to keep the books for the rest of the year. “These books are having a resurgence in bookstores lately, […]

Spectrum magazine starts online edition

The Spectrum staff launched a website Jan. 15 to provide more space for articles and create video and photo galleries. “I’ve been wanting to have a web presence for a while, but I’ve always been nervous because I don’t have a strong background in web,” Spectrum adviser Stephen Chae said. “This year many of my […]

Genocide survivor discusses life story

Cambodian genocide survivor Arn Chorn-Pond spoke about the power of music and shared his life story with students April 13. As a child, Chorn-Pond was forced to play music at the Khmer Rouge death camp, and is one of only 60 children to survive the camp. He was later adopted by an American man and […]

Students encourage teachers to conserve

AP Environmental Science students encouraged teachers to turn off classroom lights and not use technology April 22 to celebrate Earth Day. “This reinforces a purpose beyond ourselves as taking care of our Earth is a task that is much bigger than what one individual can achieve,” upper school science teacher Florence Pi said. Pi hopes […]

Velvet Daisies creates Mother’s Day project

The Velvet Daisies club is working on its mason jar project to get ready for Mother’s Day May 10. Members have been hand-crafting paper flowers to fill painted mason jars with since February, when they completed their Valentine’s Day project. The finished jars will be given to mothers at the Children’s Institute, Inc. “Justine Chen […]

Students on college tour protest Indiana law

The Bison college tour was scheduled to visit the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, April 1 in the midst of a national controversy over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The law, signed into action March 26, less than a week before the college tour was to visit the campus, allowed any individual […]