Goodbye Ms. Neumeyer

Dear Ms. Neumeyer, This year’s senior staffers are only the latest in a long line that have benefited from your tutelage. We are also the last. Twenty-four years, 192 issues and countless students later, you will retire from the school and the Chronicle. When we first walked into Weiler Hall three years ago, we had […]

A necessary conversation

A yearlong campus dialogue on gender issues culminated with a presentation by anti-sexist activist Jackson Katz last week. Katz urged male students to recognize sexism and gender violence as a universal problem, rather than simply view them as women’s issues. And while his words drew approval from many, some students’ reactions have caused us to […]

Looking beyond the bubble

The first line of the school Mission Statement reads: “Harvard-Westlake strives to be a diverse and inclusive community.” Lately, we have found ourselves thinking a lot about what that means. Issues of injustice and prejudice dominate national headlines, and college campuses in particular have come under scrutiny for matters ranging from racism to religous intolerance. […]

Don't let drugs or alcohol negatively impact the school

Following recent allegations of students attending the home basketball game against Loyola while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, the editorial board agreed that the issue of substance use on campus and at school-related events should be addressed. It is common knowledge that drugs and alcohol are a presence on almost every high school […]

December assessments alleviate stress, though not without some drawbacks

When students left school Dec. 19 to enjoy their long-awaited winter break, they left with their midyear assessments already finished. Students no longer had to spend their winter break thinking about midterms just enough to be worried while attempting to enjoy time away from textbooks and study guides. The administration’s main goal in this overhaul […]

Take time to remember

Rush to class. Rush through notes. Rush out. Rush to practice, then rush home for work, then rush to bed. Repeat. It seems like all we ever do at Harvard-Westlake is rush through our day. Students run from one class to the next, clutching books between tight fingers and throwing a quick “thank you” over […]

Live every day in the real world

Backpacks full of valuables are strewn across campus and left unattended on a daily basis. Students believe their personal items will always be waiting wherever they left them, putting faith in their classmates’ honesty. The Honor Code is a significant part of our mutual promise to respect one another, with every person’s conscience serving as […]

A step in the right direction

In the condensed new mission statement, the most significant change lies in the phrase, “the joyful pursuit of educational excellence.” It acknowledges the emotional aspect of learning, reminding the community that academics are about more than just tests and GPAs. While the new statement retains the school’s focus on excellence, its tone is kinder and […]

Students defeat teachers in Science Bowl scrimmage during STEMfest activities

Five seniors defeated five science teachers in a 12 minute-long Science Bowl match during STEMfest May 21. Science Bowl team members Anser Abbas ’14, Zachary Birnholz ’14, Donhem Brown ’14, Kevin Zhang ’14 and Larry Zhang ’14 and teachers Larry Axelrod, Blaise Eitner, Jesse Reiner, Wendy Van Norden and Yanni Vourgourakis ’90 played to a […]

School to host StartUp Scramble

There are 36 spots available to all ninth through 12th graders for the Harvard-Westlake StartUp Scramble, an entrepreneurial workshop that will take place at the Upper School June 20-22. Middle school students with entrepreneurial interest can also apply for a ticket. StartUp Scramble will be a “highly intense, hands-on weekend where you will team up […]

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