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Legislating abortion

Legislating abortion

Sophie Haber June 1, 2019

We have both grown up in families that are filled with strong women who have actively promoted women’s rights and gender equality. Through their example and through our own experiences in the world,...

Abort Mission: Newest Abortion Laws

Abort Mission: Newest Abortion Laws

Kyra Hudson May 28, 2019

After realizing that the guy she had just had sex with didn’t use a condom, Piper* ’20 had to take Plan B One-Step. The emergency contraception kept Piper from facing an unwanted pregnancy, but under...

Senior creates online quiz for 2012 election

December 16, 2011

By Nika Madyoon After a year’s worth of conceptualization, organization and design, Austin Sherman ’12 invited all of America to his party — his interactive, online, political...

Investigating ethics on campus

May 25, 2011

By Eli Haims  "As students get older, it seems they become less and less supportive of the Honor Board," Austin Block ’11, who did a Senior Independent Study on the condition of ethics...

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