Performing Arts Department welcomes Meyer

Bev Meyer entered the Upper School Performing Arts Department as an acting teacher this school year. In addition to teaching sections of The Actor and the Stage I and The Actor and the Stage II courses, she plans to help with the fall production. In the past, Meyer has worked as an educator, social justice […]

Sketches of Summer- Lilah Weisman ’20

Students spent their summers attending programs to help further develop their skills in various art forms. Lilah Weisman ’20 spent her summer studying theater at the National High School Institute Theater Arts Division, more commonly known as Cherubs, at Northwestern University. During the seven-week intensive, Weisman took voice, movement and acting classes. Students also performed […]

Play-ing for Progress

Students performed a redesigned version of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Feb. 8-10 including LGBTQ characters. In directing the show, performing arts teacher Rees Pugh decided to put a progressive twist on the old Shakespearean story. The comedy portrays the events surrounding the forbidden marriage of two characters. In Shakespeare’s version, these characters […]

Love Like Snow Other

Love Like Snow Other

  Ginette (Caroline Cook ’19) is sitting next to Pete (Erick Gredonia ’17) when the two reveal that they love each other. However, Pete explains that by sitting directly next him, Ginette is also technically as far away from him as she can possibly be. Disheartened, Ginette leaves Pete. “I thought the prologue was adorable. […]

Actors practice in workshops

Jackanapes mentor Lisa Fredrickson led improv workshops for students in the Actor and the Stage I class Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, 3 and 7. Fredrickson led the class in activities in learning to develop characters onstage. Performing arts teacher Christopher Moore chose Fredrickson to lead the workshop because of her background in improv and […]

Actors to partake in workshops

Students in The Actor and the Stage I will participate in multiple acting workshops led by specialized teachers this September. Each workshop will focus on a specific area of acting, such as having confidence on stage through humor, space work and expressing emotion without facial expression or speech, but all of the workshops reflect a […]

Student plays to be performed in Rugby

Rugby Theater will showcase 13 student-written plays Thursday to Saturday for the annual Playwrights Festival. The plays were chosen by a committee led by performing arts teacher Christopher Moore, the festival’s producer. Some plays were assigned student directors, while others will be directed by professionals, including British television director David Shaughnessy and actor Bruce Young. […]

Going Pro

Going Pro

On a typical school day, while all of her friends begin their homework, Anya Andrews ’17 runs down Hollywood Boulevard in pajamas and slippers, receiving strange looks from those who pass by her. Soon after, she bursts through the doors of her destination into a room full of teenage girls who are all dressed exactly […]

Oka ’92 teaches acting, improv

Actor Masi Oka ‘92 taught an Unconventional Leadership workshop on improvisational skills in the Drama Lab last Friday. Oka, who starred in NBC’s “Heroes,” has a background in improv that includes several troupes, such as the Groundlings, Improv Olympics, Second City, and Theatre Sports. He has taught his own improv workshops in California, Hawaii and […]