Club holds election watch party

Students and faculty gathered in Ahmanson Lecture Hall to watch the election results come in after school Nov. 8. The event was run by the Junior State of America club and the AP United States Government and Politics classes. Attendees discussed the results as they watched the election unfold through the CNNgo live broadcast. Students […]

Environmental club to screen documentary

The Environmental Club will screen the Netflix Documentary “Mission Blue” in the Ahmanson Lecture Hall Jan. 16. The documentary follows the work of internationally-recognized oceanographer, marine biologist and environmentalist Sylvia Earle. “[Mission Blue] is really thrilling,” Environmental Club co-president Brian Adler ’15 said. “It’s also really informative, and it details someone that we really admire. […]

NewSpace expert discusses new industry

The CEO and co-founder of NewSpace Global Dick “Rocket” David, discussed the new and growing industry of NewSpace and its role in the future during break Nov. 10. NewSpace Global is an information provider analyzing the market of the “NewSpace” industry. Essentially, NewSpace is the more than 800 private companies that use outer space to […]

Rwanda films screen on Oct. 29

Films made by students who visited Rwanda last year screened in Ahmanson Lecture Hall on Oct. 29. The 14 students who made these documentaries spent 10 days in Africa interviewing the Rwandan people and learning about their culture. “The trip was an amazing experience, and the people we met with were incredibly inspiring,” trip member […]

'Napalm Girl' advocates for peace

Kim Phuc, the little girl set afire by napalm bombs during the Vietnam War, described to students, parents and teachers May 10 in Ahmanson Lecture Hall the horrors of being a nine-year-old engulfed by four napalm bombs. A photo taken that day in 1972 by Associated Press photographer Nick Ut, then 19 years old, became […]

Students explore science beyond the classroom at annual STEMfest

By Claire Goldsmith Students walked across a pool of non-Newtonian fluid and posed with “STEM Claus” Monday May 21 during break at the “Beyond the-Test Fest.”  The display of science, technology, engineering and mathematics class projects ran for the past three years as “STEM Fest.” However, students in Topics in Calculus and Statistics, who organized the […]

Professor to share research, promote stem cell awareness

By Julia Aizuss Genetic researcher and UCLA professor Richard Gatti is scheduled to give a general introduction of stem cell science today, speaking about fertilization and embryonic development in an optional assembly in Ahmanson Lecture Hall during break. Gatti is one of several research scientists contacted by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, a governmental […]

GSA dances and hosts teacher panel

By Allison Hamburger After breaking into a dance in the quad at break May 18, Gay-Straight Alliance members led spectators to Ahmanson, where a panel of four gay and lesbian teachers discussed how they and others have dealt with their sexual orientation. Without prior announcement, about 20 students performed the dance from viral YouTube video […]

Alumnus explains challenges of research, academic math

By Alex Gura and David Lim Mathematics professor Jeremy Martin ’92 presented research and academic experiences to math students in an open discussion afterschool Monday. Explaining his field of combinatorics, Martin walked students through simple problems in his subject and divulged personal experiences throughout his career. Martin, an associate professor at the University of Kansas, […]

Global Zero organizes documentary screening

By Saj Sri-Kumar Global Zero, an organization dedicated to eradicating nuclear weapons, will host an advance screening of their documentary “Countdown to Zero” at the Upper School’s Ahmanson Lecture Hall May 10. The movie, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, explores the consequences of a nuclear disaster. The after-school event is sponsored […]