Greek professor speaks in Latin classes

Regius Professor of Greek at Trinity College Dublin Brian McGing told Latin students that translating ancient papyri is difficult because of issues including funding, poor handwriting and grammar errors. McGing is a papyrologist, a scholar of ancient papyri, or documents written on paper made from the light and durable papyrus reed found in Lower Egypt. […]

Artful Applications

Working on her college applications, Aiyana White ’14 stands in a recording studio, crooning “Almost Like Being in Love,” “On My Own” and “It’s Only a Paper Moon” into a microphone. White is recording an art supplement: a portfolio of pictures, music or videos that students may send to colleges to complement the rest of […]

In no hurry to drive

Jordan Brewington ’13 can join the military, vote and buy cigarettes, but she can’t drive. Brewington took driving lessons and got her permit on time in 2010 at 15 and a half, but her mother wouldn’t teach her how to drive. As a result, she didn’t get her license in the allotted one year and […]