‘When the bad man breaks into my house, I die’

My father grips my stepmother’s hand at the dinner table. She lost her niece in the Aurora shooting, and now her voice breaks as she says the word, “children.” While the nation cries gun control, she just cries. In the safe: rifles, shotguns and handguns. She asks me, what if there was one off-duty cop […]

SYA representative visits language classes

School Year Abroad’s Assistant Director of Admissions Susanna Sprague will visit sophomore language classes in an effort to provide more information about the SYA program to prospective applicants. SYA is a language immersion program that sends students to schools in countries such as Spain, Italy, France and Vietnam. “My objective is to provide further information […]

Wei to teach new Chinese V class

Chinese teacher Binbin Wei will teach the new Chinese V class scheduled for next year. The class was created as a post-AP or Chinese IV course. Because Chinese is offered in seventh grade, there are students finished with both Chinese IV and AP Chinese Language that wished to continue their Chinese studies had no class […]

School hires receptionist

Her name appears in students’ inboxes at least once a week, but many have yet to meet Lynn Miller, the new receptionist who, among other things, sends out the daily bulletin. Miller has replaced Mitzi Delgado as the receptionist. Miller found out about the job opening through Michelle Bracken, a close friend and Assistant to […]

English teachers to see ‘Hamlet’ performance

AP English Literature teachers will head to the Broad Stage in Santa Monica on Nov. 17 to see the Globe Theatre’s production of Hamlet. English teacher Jocelyn Medawar thought up the trip after reading the Globe’s newsletter. Medawar, a Shakespeare enthusiast, has long been a fan of Shakespeare’s London-based Globe Theatre. “Whatever the Globe Theatre […]

Spanish trip returns to Mexico

This spring break, middle school students will go to Mexican city Cuernavaca accompanied by middle school Spanish teacher Andrew Brabbee for the first time in three years, while upper school Spanish teacher Javier Zaragoza will lead upper school students to Costa Rica on a cultural immersion trip to solidify their language skills. The three-year suspension […]

APES students boat down LA River

Eight AP Environmental Science students kayaked down the Los Angeles River on Sept. 23,   which was declared navigable in 2008. George Wolfe, a political activist, helped deem the river navigable after a vagabond expedition down the river four years ago. Wolfe’s goal was to revitalize the river and make it “a connector between the LA […]