Amelia Koblentz ’20 received fellowship to travel to Lake Titicaca

To combine her interests in religious anthropology and archaeology, Latin American and Iberian Studies fellowship recipient Amelia Koblentz ’20 traveled to Lake Titicaca, which is located on the border between Peru and Bolivia, to explore the religious beliefs of the indigenous people living there. Koblentz visited Cusco, Puno, Copacabana and La Paz to learn more […]

Students make cat toys to benefit local shelters

Students make cat toys to benefit local shelters

Students made cat toys to benefit shelters around Los Angeles.  The Animal Rights Club hosted the event April 15 in the lounge during break. The club provided all materials necessary to create the toys, including stuffing and small socks. “We decided that after holding our previous fundraiser, we wanted to do something more fun and […]

Animal Rights Club fundraiser exceeds collection goals

The Animal Rights Club, ARC, exceeded their collection goal of $300 from the second annual fundraiser they held for the Los Angeles Animal Service shelters, Club President Amelia Koblentz ’20 said. Over winter break, club members delivered the donations collected from the drive. “Ever since adopting my dog, I have discovered a great love for […]