Applying to college, finding myself

By Abbie Neufeld I can finally say that I am done with my college applications. Each yellow box on that signified an application was in progress has now turned into a green triangle, and what a beautiful sight all those green triangles are. It was a long and hard process. I cannot estimate the […]

Stop limiting us with P.E.

Eight periods a day. Seven slots for classes. Five core academic subjects. That seems to leave plenty of time for electives and free periods. But maybe not. One of the best aspects of our school is its variety of courses, but athletes have easier access because they don’t have to take physical education during academic […]

Test before break

By Saj Sri-Kumar It’s happened to just about everyone: you’re taking a test, and you blank out on a question. The question sounds vaguely familiar, but it was from something you learned about such a long time ago and you can’t quite come up with the answer. This problem is exacerbated by the amount of […]