Putting Name* on trial

Putting Name* on trial

Louis, Megan, Lauren, Gordon, Phoebe*. A name and a star, the Chronicle’s method of citing anonymous quotes, can elicit powerful reactions within the school community. When a source who criticizes the school is cloaked in anonymity, backlash often follows. Some question the accuracy of the quote. Others wonder whether it is ethical for students to […]

Create a more supportive school environment

The closure of the Seaver bathroom is definitely a hot-button topic on campus right now. It stirred conversations concerning the classification of graffiti and vandalism. Personally, we believe that the situation was handled poorly — yes, it did create extra work for maintenance, but why did it need to be cleaned up in the first […]

'The war is in my mind'

I was anxious every day, and, because of my anxiety, I felt lost. The way I acted, thought, saw the world moving past me – it was all somehow off. Every day I hoped I would start feeling okay again, or, at the very least, that I would be able to define the malaise from […]