Science teacher takes leave of absence

Upper school science teacher Walt Werner has taken a medical leave after being diagnosed this past June with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph tissue. Doctors are confident that he will be in the hospital for a stem cell transplant within a month. The school has been very supportive and Werner hopes to be […]

Shelby Heitner: England

Shelby Heitner ’14 spent time examining the bubonic plague and its effects on 14th century English society during her trip to London, England as a recipient of the Junior Summer Fellowship. Heitner met with Jelena Bekvalac, a curator at the Museum of London specializing in osteology, the scientific study of bones. Heitner toured  Bekvalac’s laboratory […]

3 AP curricula to change next academic year

By Megan Kawasaki The curricula of three Advanced Placement courses will change for the 2012-2013 school year, according to the College Board website. AP Biology, which has been taught for the past 20 years mostly through lectures and occasional lab work, will now emphasize student-directed labs and conceptual understanding rather than repetitive memorization of large […]

Biology Three Hang Ten

By Meagan Wang On any given day, students walking into the Science Department will most likely be greeted by a colorful array of Hawaiian shirts. Three teachers, all of whom teach AP Biology, are known to always wear Hawaiian shirts. Despite this similarity, Larry Axelrod, Blaise Eitner and Walt Werner insist that they never coordinate […]

'The Day Jack Played'

By Dana Glaser Let me introduce you to my little brother, Jake: Jake started 7th grade this year, he’s half my height, wears glasses, plays the guitar and can solve a Rubics cube faster than anyone I know. In the past year I’ve noticed symptoms of living vicariously through my 12-year-old brother: When the class […]

Motion pictures move classes forward

By Danielle Kolin An AP Biology class peers down an athlete’s esophagus and into her stomach, where stomach muscles busily squeeze food into pulp. The muscles convulse and students flinch in disgust as they watch. As the class proceeds from the stomach to the small intestine, a narrator expounds on hydrochloric acid streaming down the […]