Ace-idic: Juniors advance in Chemistry Olympiad

Two AP Chemistry students advanced to the National Chemistry Olympiad Exam, the second tier of the United States Chemistry Olympiad. Jordan Barkin ’18 and Marcus Leher ’18 were the top scorers of the school on the local exam and took the national exam April 22. The local exam consisted of 60 multiple choice questions in […]

AP Chemistry students take National Chemistry Olympiad qualifier exam

Students enrolled in Advanced Placement Chemistry as well as past AP Chemistry students took the 2015 Local Chemistry Olympiad Exam both yesterday and today after school. The test, which includes 60 multiple choice questions in 110 minutes, is the first step in the American Chemical Society’s U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad competition, whose four winners will […]

Community Council arranges events for clubs, teams

Community Council has planned two upcoming community service trips at Los Angeles Family Housing and TreePeople for students to fulfill their community service requirement. This year Community Council is focusing on planning events for specific clubs and sports teams. “Each of the events we plan are specifically geared towards the club so that they have […]

Take tech talks up a notch

Because students are typically more technology-savvy than teachers, it seems logical that how technology is used in and out of the classroom should be a decision made jointly by teachers and their students. Teachers shouldn’t dismiss new technology without first asking the students. The students who attended Alan November’s technology presentation said that some of […]

Students give teachers full tour of Facebook

By Tiffanie Young At 2:45 p.m. last Tuesday afternoon, faculty members began drifting into Chalmers math lab.  Like attentive students on the first day of school, they seated themselves in front of a computer and waited for class to begin. Their instructors, Daniel Ozen ’08 and Jonathan Kornblau ’08, prepared the projector screen for their […]

AP test takers don't deserve the walk of shame

By Gabby AhlzadehFive flashing windows popped up on my desktop each telling the news. Check your HW e-mail, they all said. As I frantically logged on, dropping the Princeton Review book from my lap, I read the e-mail which briefly detailed the surreal events that had occurred that Monday evening. APs would be postponed as […]

To source or not to source? []

By Danielle Kolin The clear liquid smells like a mixture of rotten fruit and smelly feet. The three graphs obtained from the lab work depict sharp abrupt peaks and extended plateaus, lightly sketched in pencil by school machines. The density of the liquid is 0.649 grams/milliliter and its boiling point is 50 degrees Celsius. With […]

Students double up on science

By Danielle Kolin and Lauren Rose As the class looks on, science teacher Antonio Nassar finishes a unit in AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism by scribbling a final formula across the whiteboard. Sounds of rustling paper and zippers signal that sixth period is coming to an end, and the group of students exits the […]