Chinese instructors observe AP curriculum

Teachers from The High School Affiliated to Fudan University and The Beijing Number 12 High School visited Harvard-Westlake to observe various departments’ AP curricula and teaching styles. The visitors sat in on classes and met with faculty and department chairs to learn about ways to teach AP courses, Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas said. […]

Get rid of AP classes

By Saj Sri-Kumar Is there really only one way to teach college-level French? Are there really only two types of college English classes? Well, no. Then why do so many high schools pretend that the answer to those questions is, in fact, “yes”? Like many other schools, Harvard-Westlake teaches in line with the curriculum of […]

Extend the deadline

By Lara Sokoloff Spring of junior year. The tension, the pressure, the stress…it’s all palpable. From the moment we return from spring college tours, many of us have a new, stronger understanding of what type of colleges we would like to end up at. Stress climaxes with the 11th grade term paper, an assignment that […]

Almost half of students ask for schedule changes

By Jessica Barzilay Before any other students had seen their schedules, Gabe Benjamin ’11 knew his was a problem. Benjamin’s dean, Cahn Oxelson, notified him that due to an irreconcilable conflict, he would have to adjust his course load. Benjamin’s situation was unusual, because the issue could not be resolved, but the resulting adjustment to […]

Teachers work as AP graders over summer

  By Sam Adams Science teacher Wendy Van Norden was sitting in a vast, silent auditorium at Clemson University when she saw something familiar. Among the thousands of Advanced Placement Environmental Science tests that she would grade over the course of a week, eight hours a day in the South Carolina room, was an essay […]

Dump the APs

by Derek Schlom I am not going to bash the proposed schedule changes, but I’ve been questioning the reasoning behind the decision. Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts has stated that one of her main motivations for advocating the modified schedule is that more teaching time would be allocated for all classes, with an emphasis on […]

Spanish language students to journey to Argentina

By Nicki Resnikoff Spanish language students will take a trip to Argentina organized by the school this summer. The trip offered both from July 26 to August 10 and from July 16 to August 4. Up to 15 students will stay with Argentinean families during the week and in hotels on weekend excursions. The weekend excursions […]

3 AP cancellations appall language, math teachers

By Ariane Lange Members of the Foreign Language and Math Departments were alarmed by the abrupt cancellation of three AP classes by the College Board. The College Board recently announced that AP French Literature, AP Latin Literature and AP Computer Science AB will be discontinued as AP courses after the May 2009 exams, leaving teachers […]

Senior seminars to be profound, practical

By Adam Gold Classes ranging from astrology to car maintenance to basics of dorm life will be taught during the week of seminars for seniors after the end of AP classes. The seminars, which will be held from May 21 to 25, are new this year and aimed at seniors who no longer have class […]