Alumnus creates Kickstarter’s most funded app

Breaking the Kickstarter record of most funded apps of all time on Tuesday, Gabe Wyner ’01 raised over $340,000 to fund his new language learning app “Fluent Forever.” The app, based on a book that he wrote in 2014, approaches language learning differently from other apps in terms of what and how the user learns, […]

Alum launches social media app

Noah Pompan ’14 recently launched BOOM, a social media platform designed to provide college students information about events on or near their campuses. BOOM delivers news to students about local business promotions, parties, lectures and other events that occur on college campuses. The app is location-based and uses a geofence to limit the content to […]

Chronicle releases new iPhone app

Chronicle releases new iPhone app

The Chronicle released its new iPhone app this week. Clinton Grusd ’95, who founded the technology company Wermz, offered to develop the app. Wermz is a technology platform that develops news apps quickly and cheaply. “We didn’t want to take away from the paper, but wanted to enhance it,” Grusd said. “We plugged the site […]

Student releases HW Lost and Found app

Student releases HW Lost and Found app

Brandon Lim ’16 released a new app called HW Lost and Found on Sept. 24 to create an efficient way for students to report lost items and have them returned. “I came up with the idea last year when I lost a bunch of things in a one-week span,” Lim said. “I thought, ‘Something needs […]

Student leaves to develop app

Daniel Singer ’17 left school in September to take a gap year to work on his new social networking app Bond, which will be released in the app store in October. “Bond connects you to the people you should know,” Singer said. “If you’re at a bar, club, musical festival or party, and you’re being […]

Students use new app to play campus-wide Assassin game

Gabriel Jenkinson ‘16 was one of the top five competitors in this year’s game of Assassin until his killer snuck past his friends, who were acting as bodyguards, and “shot” him in the back. Although Jenkinson does not have a target of his own anymore, it doesn’t stop him from assisted murder. “Gilbert Anwar ’16 […]

Administration bans anonymous polling app

Due to complaints of bullying, the administration blocked the location-based, anonymous polling app What’s Goodly from the school Wi-Fi network April 16. Students have still been able to access the app by disconnecting their devices from the Wi-Fi and using cellular data instead. Assistant to the Head of the Upper School Michelle Bracken said she […]

Tinder Makes Sparks Fly

Tinder Makes Sparks Fly

Ron* quickly swipes left on Tinder, a cellular dating app that connects people who are nearby, as he gazes through photos of numerous girls in his area. A photo of a pretty girl surfaces on his screen, and he swipes right. In less than 10 minutes, Ron secures a coffee date with her. He calls […]

Sophomore creates social networking app

Daniel Singer’s ’17 first time running a business was neither when he helped launch the website Youtell, nor when he created the apps Backchat and Bond. It was when he set up a car wash in third grade. “I’d hire other kids to clean cars, and I’d take half the money,” Singer said. “I just […]