Discipline problems plague spring trips

Although various school trips over spring break were plagued by similar issues with drug and alcohol use, the extent and nature of the disciplinary action has varied. Five seniors caught drinking on the Jazz Band and Studio Jazz Band trip to Italy were given a one-day suspension while on the trip and had their senior […]

Late sign-ups turned away from Senior Retreat

Due to overcapacity, seniors who did not fulfill the necessary sign up requirements on time will not be able to attend Senior Retreat.  The forms, which were to be submitted electronically, were due May 20.  Seniors who had not submitted the application with both their own signature and a parent signature were informed by Father […]

'Napalm' Girl to attend film screening

Kim Phuc, the “Napalm Girl,” will speak to parents and students May 10 at 7:30 p.m. following the screening of a documentary about her life entitled “The Power of a Picture.” The movie, presented by producers Jeff MacIntyre and David Ono, also features Nick Ut, the Pulitzer Prize winning photographer who captured the image of […]

Schuhl wins race for dean of faculty

Science teacher Dietrich Schuhl won the post of dean of faculty Thursday after a run-off faculty vote between him and science teacher Jesse Reiner. Math teacher Suzanne Lee was eliminated in the first vote for the two-year term. Schuhl replaces Jacob Hazard, who has resigned to take the job of 11th and 12th grade academic […]

Asking tough questions

He saw me looking at the ice cream flavors and said to me at first in Hebrew and then in heavily accented English, “The best dairy comes from Israel. The ice cream, the milk… this is the land of milk and honey.” He asked me if I had ever been to Israel before and when […]

Playwrights Festival features over 130 students in 9 plays

Patric Verrone’s ’13 one-act “Eve” will be professionally produced as part of the Blank Theater’s Young Playwright Festival and Becca Katz’s ’15 one-act “Something Like Magic” won this year’s Leon Fan Memorial Award. More than 130 students participated in this year’s school Playwrights Festival, which took place in Rugby Theater from April 26 through April […]

Asking tough questions

When my moms and I landed in Tel Aviv last year over winter break I met an old man in traditional Orthodox Jewish garb in line at the airport cafe. He saw me looking at the ice cream flavors and said to me at first in Hebrew and then in heavily accented English, “The best […]

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