Crooked coverage: the Olympics

The Olympic Games, more so than any other sporting event, aim to connect people from all around the world. The opening and closing ceremonies conducted at every Olympics allow host nations to showcase their unique and diverse cultures. Olympians have the chance to represent their countries on a global stage; national pride and patriotism are […]

“A” is for Asian?: Impact of the “model minority” myth

“A” is for Asian?: Impact of the “model minority” myth

When Steven Zhao ’19 left his English class holding a graded essay, his friend took a quick look at the “B+” scrawled on a margin, cracked a smile and said, “you dishonor your family.” Zhao pretended to laugh along, though he didn’t really find the comment funny, he said. For Zhao, who is a first […]

Don't let labels limit your personal growth

Pandas irritate me. It’s not the animals themselves, or even the abundance of Internet GIFs they occupy. It’s the species’ close, tangled connection to Asian stereotypes that irritates me. Pandas originate in Asia, yes, but I don’t understand how they say so much about Asian-Americans or their character that practically every Asian-American teenager has been […]