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Esther Ollivier '18 recalls how the tragic events in Paris have affected her friends and family. 
Credit: Lara Mikhail/Chronicle

Esther Ollivier ’18 shares how terrorism in Paris affected her family

Lara Mikhail February 3, 2016

The phone rang incessantly as Esther Ollivier ’18 and her mother drove home. Her father was calling from Paris. After they picked up, her father delivered horrific news. The phone cut off. Scared...

Indu Pandey

Opening our arms after attacks

Indu Pandey November 24, 2015

I breezed through airport security with only minor hitches with TSA. Once past security, I felt marginally calmer, but it wasn’t over yet. This time it wasn’t a “random” pat down and double screening...

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