The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle

Jazz Explorers play swan song performance

May 27, 2008

By Ariane Lange The Jazz Explorers gave an encore after an ovation from the audience at their last show of the year May 13.The Explorers, Leland Cox ’09, Charlie Fogarty ’10, Billy Goulston...

Students perform for charity in ‘Idol’ contest

March 18, 2008

By Neha Nimmegadda Audience members voted Nora Rothman ’08 the winner of Harvard-Westlake Idol in a charity singing competition March 9 featuring 10 singers.The competition was a fundraiser...

Psychologist lectures on childhood rebellion

March 15, 2007

Clinical psychologist Dr. Stephan Poulter told parents that if their children were rebelling, they were parenting correctly, in a presentation he gave on campus Feb. 28. Poulter told the audience that...

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