New president stresses connection to students

As Rick Commons walks across the quad, now quiet but ready to come alive during the school year, his toothy grin does little to conceal the excitement of returning to Harvard-Westlake as its president after leaving the school 15 years ago. Commons fills the vacancy left by Tom Hudnut, Harvard-Westlake’s first president and the leader […]

Four worldly fellows

Say you have a few thousand dollars to spend on 12 weeks of summer. If you’re not already committed to an internship, summer program or trip abroad, the money could finance three months of hard-won relaxation. After waking up luxuriously late at 11 a.m., a student might spend some of it when they head over […]

New signs ask students to clean up after themselves in quad

New signs on the quad tables read, “Please help Gregorio keep our quad clean. Pick up after yourself. Thank you.” in a further effort to prevent student littering. Gregorio Hernandez, a member of the maintenance department, cleans up trash left on the quad and around campus. This is the fourth sign Head of School Audrius […]

Alumna paints literature quotes on Rugby annex

Avalon Nuovo ’13 covered the walls of the Rugby annex, the two temporary portable buildings across from  Rugby Hall, with quotes from literature chosen by the English Department. Painting began during July and was completed the first week of August. “I saw Avalon balancing herself on ladders and railings to make the mural happen,” English […]

Seniors research stem cells in summer program

Five seniors participated in a stem cell research program at USC over the summer. Justin Bae ’14, Zachary Birnholz ’14, Simon Gunter ’14, James Hur ’14 and Christina Woo ’14 spent eight weeks working in USC’s Eli and  Edythe Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and  Stem Cell Research as part of the Early Investigator High […]

Crossing country in 40 days by bike

Before the last school year even drew to a close, Jacob Goodman ’15 was already out on almost all of his Saturdays, trying to get in as much physical preparation as possible for his six-week, cross-country biking trip with Overland summer program.Goodman would average 50 miles per day, building upon this number until he finally […]

Librarian writes book on e-books

Head librarian Shannon Acedo’s first book is slated for publication sometime this fall by the American Association of School Libraries. Her book, entitled “E-books in School Libraries: A Handbook for School Librarians,” will be available in both print and e-book form. Acedo began the roughly 269-page, 16 chapter book about a year ago, after she […]

Volunteering for Mother Teresa

After 20 hours of traveling Tara Stone ’14 stepped out of the doors of the airport into Delhi and experienced for the first time the indescribable humidity she would face for rest of her six week solo trip to India. Stone went directly from the airport in Delhi to the Himachal Pradesh region of the […]

New teacher: Lilas Lane

Lilas Lane, a former actress and SAT and ACT tutor, will join the middle school history department this year. Lane has been interested in history since early childhood, when her father would recite Chaucer’s work in the original Old English. When she was an undergraduate, she was not planning to become a history major. However, […]

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