You are special

For most of my Harvard-Westlake career, my life to a large extent, revolved around school. The sports I played were on Harvard-Westlake teams, my friends were almost strictly from Harvard-Westlake and my main extracurricular was the school newspaper. I considered the community to be a sort of microcosm of the greater world and therefore didn’t […]

Juniors win grants for travel

Four juniors will go abroad this summer as winners of the Junior Summer Fellowship or the Gunter-Gross Asia Initiative. As the recipient of the Junior Summer Fellowship, Mazelle Etessami ’14 will use the $3,500 grant to spend about two and a half weeks in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. “After reading about the current status of children in […]

Late sign-ups turned away from Senior Retreat

Due to overcapacity, seniors who did not fulfill the necessary sign up requirements on time will not be able to attend Senior Retreat.  The forms, which were to be submitted electronically, were due May 20.  Seniors who had not submitted the application with both their own signature and a parent signature were informed by Father […]

Schuhl wins race for dean of faculty

Science teacher Dietrich Schuhl won the post of dean of faculty Thursday after a run-off faculty vote between him and science teacher Jesse Reiner. Math teacher Suzanne Lee was eliminated in the first vote for the two-year term. Schuhl replaces Jacob Hazard, who has resigned to take the job of 11th and 12th grade academic […]

First generation students retain cultures

As a child, when Adam Zucker ’13 was being a little rambunctious his parents would tell him “dai” pronounced “die.” Zucker’s parents are from Israel and were telling him to stop in their native language of Hebrew, but this scolding often generated strange looks from surrounding people. Zucker is among many Harvard-Westlake students whose parents […]

Five-time Olympic swimmer Torres ’85 to speak at assembly

When Dara Torres ‘85 returned to Westlake for her senior year to pick up books before the start of school, Headmaster Nathan Reynolds pulled her aside to congratulate her on the gold medal she won at the 1984 Olympic games and asked if she would bring it to school the first day. “I [said] sure […]

Scholarship students speak to possible donors

The Advancement Office held its 10th annual President’s Spotlight Dinner March 11 to thank families who have supported financial aid in the past. The event, chaired by Josh and Beth Friedman (Spencer ’09, Wesley ’12, Oliver ’17), included a buffet and cocktails and lasted from 6 to 8 p.m. “Education is the great equalizer. It […]

It’s the little things that matter

Couples shouldn’t need a specific day as a reminder to show love. If they do, they probably won’t last until the next Valentine’s Day. The cute notes, saying “I love you,” the sweet gestures and small presents to show you care should happen regardless of a holiday and, to be honest, the gestures all seem […]

Valentine’s dance to raise funds for vision-impaired children

Prefect Council allowed the first 50 people that signed the Whiteout pledge on Monday to pie them in the face during break to encourage students to attend the dance. Excluding black lights and neon decorations, students will be immersed in complete darkness for Prefect Council’s Valentine’s Day themed dance, Whiteout, on Feb. 16 from 7:30 […]

2 seniors represent U.S. team in Turkey

Miranda Van Iderstine ’13 and Elle Wilson ’13 were two of the four members of the United States debate team that finished in 30th place at the World Schools Debating Championship in Antalya, Turkey. The WSDC debates, between Jan. 27 to Feb. 6, took place in local elementary schools, high schools, or universities around the […]

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