Lights, Cambodia, Action

Lights, Cambodia, Action

Standing in Junom, the village where his mother lived after the Khmer Rouge took her family’s home, William Chow ’17 took out his camera and begins to film the scenery. Chow’s mother is a survivor of the Cambodian genocide that began in 1975, and Chow wanted to tell her story. He said it felt incredible […]

Hearts on the Line

Hearts on the Line

Drew Mirman ’15 still remembers the warm August night when she and Addison Abdo ’14 reenacted her favorite scene from “The Notebook” in which Ryan Gosling dances with Rachel McAdams in the middle of the street. “It was such a perfect moment,” Mirman said. “It made me realize that the long-distance relationship is so worth […]

Masks of Plastic

After waiting for more than an hour in line to enter the FYF Fest music festival, Kurt* ’15 headed straight for the restricted, 21-and-over beer garden. He approached the bouncer, pulled out his fake New York state identification card from his back pocket, and presented it. The bouncer examined the card under a flashlight and […]

Tip of the ice bucket

Step 1: Be nominated. Usually by a friend or family member. Step 2: Get a bucket. Step 3: Have someone hold the camera for you. Step 4: Fill the container with ice and water. The more ice, the more impressed your friends will be. Step 5: Look into the camera; explain that you are participating […]

Outside the binary

As most teachers do on the first day of school, Spanish teacher Joaquin Fernandez-Castro began first period with a roll call. When he reached the name “Gabrielle*” ’14, however, he was corrected. He was not just pronouncing the name wrong — the name itself was wrong. Gabrielle wanted to be called Asher*. “Asher?” Fernandez-Castro said. […]

Four worldly fellows

Say you have a few thousand dollars to spend on 12 weeks of summer. If you’re not already committed to an internship, summer program or trip abroad, the money could finance three months of hard-won relaxation. After waking up luxuriously late at 11 a.m., a student might spend some of it when they head over […]

Prom Pride

Jack Wilding ’13 and Adam Lange ’13 pinned boutonnieres on each other’s lapels and posed with their arms around each other at pre-prom, but Wilding said he doesn’t think any parents at the event assumed they were a dates. The boys went together as friends and while Lange identifies as gay and Wilding as bisexual, […]

First generation students retain cultures

As a child, when Adam Zucker ’13 was being a little rambunctious his parents would tell him “dai” pronounced “die.” Zucker’s parents are from Israel and were telling him to stop in their native language of Hebrew, but this scolding often generated strange looks from surrounding people. Zucker is among many Harvard-Westlake students whose parents […]