Barking Up the Money Tree

Barking Up the Money Tree

With a $36.4 billion endowment, Harvard University is so rich that it doesn’t need to consider applicants’ financial situations when admitting them. The university promises to meet 100 percent of any student’s demonstrated need and make it possible for them to graduate debt-free. A few years ago, Harvard also committed to paying 100 percent of […]

Nature of Love

Juliet was only 13 when she fell in love with Romeo, and, spoiler alert, about a week later their relationship met a tragic end.  Long before and long after the Capulets and the Montagues, parents and teenagers have struggled over the nature of young love. “Romeo and Juliet was just a fling,” Shannyn Schack ’16, […]

Thanksgiving with a cultural twist

Families with recent ties to other countries and cultures celebrate Thanksgiving, the traditional American holiday, by combining the spirit of gratitude and goodwill with their own celebratory foods and traditions.   Norway There is no sweet potato pie in Norway, and, in 2005, there were only two flavors of ice cream: vanilla and Neapolitan. Considering […]