One Call at a Time

One Call at a Time

“Hi, this is Teen Line, my name’s Lily,” Alexa Nourafchan ’17 answered the phone, giving a fake name, as is Teen Line policy. She arrived at the offices in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for her weekly evening shift, but this one was different — it was her first time answering a real call on the line, […]

Watching the news unfold

Every time he heard warning sirens, Judd Liebman ’12 calmly made his way to the fortified safe room in the Tel Aviv building where he was working. In northern Israeli cities including Tel Aviv, the warning meant people had 90 seconds to get to safety before a rocket might land. “There were sirens two to […]

Fighting words

Dan* ’14 never meant to be a bully. He first started making jokes at other people’s expense as a way to get friends. Bathroom Wall, a now disabled anonymous posting function on Facebook, was most fun when he was around other people. “You’ll be with friends hanging out at your house on a Friday or […]

How do you say hello?

When Eugenie Lund-Simon ’14 asks friends to “pardon my French,” she’s not apologizing for her profanity. A native French speaker, Lund-Simon frequently finds herself unconsciously slipping into her mother tongue. Lund-Simon was born in Paris, France to an American father and French mother, moved to Los Angeles a age 8 — a move her family […]

Crossing country in 40 days by bike

Before the last school year even drew to a close, Jacob Goodman ’15 was already out on almost all of his Saturdays, trying to get in as much physical preparation as possible for his six-week, cross-country biking trip with Overland summer program.Goodman would average 50 miles per day, building upon this number until he finally […]

Teen Vogue not ‘Devil Wears Prada’

Amanda Reiter ’14 found out about an internship at Teen Vogue almost by chance. “It was a really fluke incident how I ended up getting the internship,” Reiter said. She met a member of the Teen Vogue staff at a dinner party and they exchanged information. “She was the only one under 30 so we […]

Perfecting quadrocopters at JPL

Christian Stewart ’15 spent his summer as a paid intern at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, part of California Institute of Technology, working on quadrocopters, which are small four-rotor helicopters. JPL, funded by the United States government, is the laboratory that created innovations such as the Mars Rover, “Curiosity” and all the robots used by NASA. The […]

Handling pressure

On a busy day, school psychologist Sheila Siegel doesn’t have time for lunch between her classes and the students who stop by to see her in her office. “I’ve seen kids every single period so that’s five or six kids in a day,” Siegel said. “It’s happened a lot this year.” Siegel, school counselor Luba […]

Driving Dangerously

As the end of the school day rolls around, Susie* ’14 and her two friends head towards the school parking lot, piling into her gray Jetta after an argument over who called “shotgun” first. They roll down their windows as they pull out of the school driveway, unconcerned with the driving law that they are […]