A Balancing Act

An 8 year-old Kenny Lopez ’13 anxiously sat in a room at his doctor’s office, waiting to hear back from his pediatrician. Lopez had been experiencing extreme hunger, weight loss and had been making frequent visits to the restroom for a few weeks before his appointment. “They tested my blood sugar and my doctor said […]

Anonymous Bloggers

The “Them HW Kids” Tumblr  has had more than 180,500 hits since its inception, gets 13,000 hits per month and 650 hits per day. Its leaders insist that the account stands for “Them Homework Kids” and is in no way school affiliated. Regardless, droves of Harvard-Westlake students flock to the site each day, chuckling at […]

Under the Radar

For many years, colleges and universities have factored grades, teacher recommendations, test scores and essays into their admission decisions. However, according to a 2012 poll by Kaplan Test Prep of 350 admissions officers, some colleges even view prospective students’ Facebook profiles and other social media outlets in the admissions process. Of the 350 admissions officers […]

Happy birthday ‘Doll Face’

On her birthday last July, Tess Kemper ’15 pulled the ribbon off the gift her parents had given her and peered inside. Inside was a product catalog for a cosmetic company called Doll Face. The last page read, “Happy Birthday, Tess! You’re a doll face, and it’s now your company.” “My parents always knew that […]

Surf’s up thanks to board builder

Colin Lynch ’14 spends many hours in his garage, cutting down large pieces of foam which will eventually be turned into surfboards. “The process of making surfboards takes a lot of time and is not cheap, but riding the board that you want makes it all worth it,” Lynch said. To make a surfboard, Lynch […]

For graduation, she wants to fly

Tate Castro ’13 sat at her kitchen table one summer afternoon, pen in hand, pad of paper at the ready. She was brainstorming, admittedly a little early, for a very big gift that she’d been waiting for a long time – her graduation present. “Would you like to go to Europe?” her mom asked her, […]

Juniors take first solo flights at 10,000 feet

In the parking lot of the DMV on an October afternoon, Henry Hahn ’14 was nervously tapping his foot on the carpeted floor of his Audi as he awaited his driver’s license test. Forty miles away, but in a completely different world, Ross O’Shea ’14 sat in the cockpit of a Cessna 172 aircraft excitedly […]