Pierce Pressure

Pierce Pressure

June* looked in the mirror, staring at the holes in her earlobes that were now basically closed because of infection. As she tried to push her diamond-studded earring back into the hole, the only result was pus and blood. According to students who answered a Chronicle poll, almost one out of six have had some […]

Crash Course

Glass was shattered everywhere, the left airbag went off and her Mazda 3 Hatchback door was crumpled. As Sloane Chmara ’15 reevaluated what had just happened, she could already feel a tightening in her neck and shoulders, growing effects of whiplash. Car accidents are a leading cause of injuries and deaths of teenagers, especially between […]

Battling distractions

Scrolling through posts on Facebook and Tumblr, Hannah Dains ’16 watches the clock as it turns to 11 p.m. She hasn’t done any homework in hours and knows it will be impossible to finish it all during her free periods the next day. Giving up, she decides to go to bed, turning off the lights […]

All access summers

Finding her inner peace Ahimsa, non-violence. Santosha, contentment. Asteya, non-stealing. These are just three of the eight virtues in yoga that Trishta Dordi ’15 used to shape her life during the summer. “It takes dedication,” Dordi said. “Throughout the whole training, they said that whatever you give to this training is what you get out […]

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Two days after tearing her skin off with Sally Hansen’s Wax Strips, Kristen Gourrier ’16 was in the emergency room with a third-degree chemical burn. Gourrier’s friend had placed a waxing strip made of chemicals rather than wax on her upper lip, and when she ripped the strip off, Gourrier’s skin had turned red. “I […]

The News Fanatics

“I am a news fanatic,” history teacher Dror Yaron said shaking his head. “I probably spend too much time keeping up with news. The more you know, the more confusing it is, the more frustrating it is.” Yaron spends a lot of his time looking at a multiplicity of sources in an effort to form […]

Framing the family

His father was gone most of the time on business trips, and his mother was busy working and finishing school, all the more so because she was still learning English. So for three years starting from when he was one and a half, Henry Jiang’s ’14 maternal grandmother lived with and took care of him. […]

Concealed Weapons

Security guard Mark Geiger was patrolling campus one night about three and a half years ago when he discovered two thieves stealing sound and light equipment from Rugby Theatre. Geiger, who doesn’t leave campus between Sunday evening and Friday night, chased them until he lost them, and they got away with only some of the […]

Volunteering for Mother Teresa

After 20 hours of traveling Tara Stone ’14 stepped out of the doors of the airport into Delhi and experienced for the first time the indescribable humidity she would face for rest of her six week solo trip to India. Stone went directly from the airport in Delhi to the Himachal Pradesh region of the […]

From Rugby stage to York Theatre

Her role as Varya in last year’s spring production “The Cherry Orchard” by Anton Chekhov landed Covi Brannan ’15 an internship this summer with the York Theatre Royal in England. Brannan’s performance caught the eye of YTR artistic director Damian Cruden, who directed Donald Freed’s “Tomorrow” in Los Angeles earlier this year. Cruden was impressed […]