Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

“Surreal,” is how Javi Arango ’16 felt about reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro having completed a week-long trek up and down the highest mountain in Africa. Arango and Aria Sarnoff ’16 spent the first weeks of their summer hiking up the 19,000 foot tall mountain with Rustic Pathways. “I’ve always been interested in climbing,” […]

Support system

Every Monday at 5:15 p.m., 250 sophomores, juniors and seniors fill up Chalmers awaiting the pizza and soda that have become a trademark of the Upper School Peer Support program. After 30 minutes of slurping, gulping and chewing, the students meet in their designated classrooms to begin group. Peer Support, or “group”, was created in […]

'The war is in my mind'

I was anxious every day, and, because of my anxiety, I felt lost. The way I acted, thought, saw the world moving past me – it was all somehow off. Every day I hoped I would start feeling okay again, or, at the very least, that I would be able to define the malaise from […]

En Pointe

By Rachel Schwartz After two hours of rehearsing the wedding pas de deux variation from “Sleeping Beauty” and a solo from “Diana and Acteon,” Kaitlyn Yiu ’13 munches on a handful of almonds before getting up to stand in first position for the start of technique class. She still has two-and-a-half hours in her pointe […]

In no hurry to drive

Jordan Brewington ’13 can join the military, vote and buy cigarettes, but she can’t drive. Brewington took driving lessons and got her permit on time in 2010 at 15 and a half, but her mother wouldn’t teach her how to drive. As a result, she didn’t get her license in the allotted one year and […]

'A Diabolical Instrument'

A white line of powder cut across his reflection as he took out a small silver straw to take a hit off a mirror in his desk drawer. Moments after he finished, his students rushed into the office to surprise him with a teaching award. Two grams of cocaine had become part of performing arts […]

Keepin' it clutch

His car has three pedals and operating them requires a careful maneuvering process. With his left foot, Ben Gaylord ’13 gradually releases the clutch, while with his right, he slowly presses down on the accelerator. He waits for the feel of first gear clicking into place before he releases the clutch entirely and accelerates into […]

Wi-fi solutions to powering problems

Adam Zucker ‘13 typed a password and some of his basic information into his laptop, attempting to connect to the Wi-Fi network at the hotel where he and his family were staying over Spring Break. “Whenever we travel, we get a hotel, and I have a set duty: program the safe, and put our belongings […]

Summer camp dreams up massaging backpack

Michael Gromis ’13 embedded a set of massaging motors in a soft pad, attaching the entire piece to a simple Jansport backpack. Putting the hybrid on his back, he activated the motors. The ‘ssage Pack was born. Gromis worked with four other students from Palo Alto, Kentucky and New York at University of Pennsylvania’s Management […]

Admit One

Waiting alone in a local Starbucks, Andrew Meepos ’13 sips a coffee as he waits to meet a complete stranger. Strewn across the table in front of him are concert tickets that he has sold over the internet. Meepos uses Craigslist or Stubhub to re-sell tickets to concerts. He spends a couple of hours each […]