Artisanal Computers

Artisanal Computers

In the summer before his sophomore year, Jacob Gold’s ’15 laptop died and he needed a new computer. Instead of getting the latest Macbook, Gold decided he wanted to be able to play the latest games on the highest graphics settings, so he chose to build his own computer instead. “It was a cheaper and […]

Gifted Teachers

Gifted Teachers

Upper School Dean Sharon Cuseo found a gift from a student sitting on her desk. It was a beautiful textile with an intricate pattern made from gorgeous materials. Cuseo wrapped it around herself like a shawl and walked around with it draped over her outfit. Several days later, when she talked to the student who […]



All students attending Harvard-Westlake have gone through its application process, most with help from parents or guardians. Youna Choi’s ’17 experience was different from others’. Her mother speaks Korean and has a limited understanding of English, something that led to problems when she applied to high school. Choi’s older sister, Eojin Choi ’14, helped her […]

Weathering the Storms

As Matt Karo ’14 prepared to leave his dorm room at Columbia University for baseball practice, he and his teammates received an e-mail from their coach notifying them that practice was canceled. The 20-degree weather and fierce winds of mid-November in New York City had forced the players to remain indoors. “I’ve never had that […]

Cheating on the Reading

Of 389 students polled in a Chronicle survey, 65 percent  use online reading aids like SparkNotes and Schmoop, both of which provide chapter summaries for books commonly read in English classes as well as analysis. Thirty-one percent of these students use reading aids instead of doing reading assignments, while 61 percent use them with reading […]

Supplementing food

Ever since she was four, Kennedy Green ’14 has taken vitamins regularly, starting with vitamin gummy bears and later switching to multivitamins. When her father told her to drink more milk because she wasn’t growing enough, she started taking calcium supplements, which she says helped her grow seven inches since ninth grade. “I don’t drink […]

Oh, Mother#@%&*!

“F***!” Dominique Gordon ’15 yelped in shock after a piece of celery hit her face in the middle of English class. Aaron Esagoff ’15 had thrown the piece to his friend who wanted celery, but accidentally hit Gordon instead. Immediately after she screamed the curse word, Gordon’s face turned bright red, and her first instinct […]

'All of her six children were killed'

One thing was immediately noticeable as I stepped off of the plane: the smell of smoke, hanging thickly in the air. Later, I would discover that it was the smell of burnt trash, but at that time, my only thought was, “Finally. Rwanda.” I found out about the Investigative Journalism Adventure to Rwanda last summer […]

The Techie

Every day at work in the Didax House, a green building at the edge of campus near Upper St. Michael’s parking lot, Web Manager Lillian Contreras sits in front of two monitors writing code for the school’s website. Around her is a setup much like that of faculty department offices on both campuses, with cubicles […]

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