Dungeons and Dragons… and spiked chains and flaming swords

Dungeons and Dragons… and spiked chains and flaming swords

Growing tired, the Dungeons and Dragons players flung spiked chains and a flaming sword at the golden throne. The vampire sitting on it wouldn’t budge, and he was a stronger villain than they had ever faced before. “I told you I was taking the training wheels off,” Dungeon Master Henry Zumbrunnen ’16 jeered at fellow […]

On the Job

The sound of laughter is heard as young children walk into the shoe and clothing store Journeys at the Westfield Topanga mall and ask employee Alex Arreola ’15 for light-up shoes and Heelys. She gets them fitted and laced, and the kids’ faces light up simultaneously with the shoes. “It’s adorable,” Arreola said. “It’s a […]

Blog My Life

Blog My Life

Preparing for her next photo shoot for her blog “bylaureng,” Lauren Genender ’17 carefully chooses outfits for each of her friends who will be modeling for her that day. Genender picks an interesting location by her house to set the mood that she is trying to create. Named after the hair-tie business that she started […]

Easy Way Out

For Tim* ’16, doing homework for his Intro to Calculus Honors class has little to do with finding solutions to problems. In fact, for most problems, he never even reaches a solution. “As long as you have stuff on the page, you get checked off,” Tim said. Toward the beginning of the year, Tim figured […]

Race to College

During a September dean meeting to discuss college prospects, Melody* ’15 was told that college admissions officers would hold her grades and test scores to a higher standard because she is Asian. “So right from the start, because I’m Asian, college admissions officers would look at me in a different way, which I thought was […]

Escape from Reality

By Sharon Chow “I’ll sacrifice myself. Run, run, run,” Chris Lee ’16 commands with one hand on the keyboard of his computer and the other continuously clicking his mouse. Lee strategizes with Brandon Kuwada ’16, planning the best way to destroy the other team’s nexus, or base. Lee and Kuwada are playing League of Legends, […]

Reacting to Ferguson

Michael Brown, an unarmed, black 18-year-old, was shot to death by a white police officer, Darren Wilson, on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Missouri. Police allege Brown stole a box of cigars from a local convenience store, but Brown was actually stopped for jaywalking. The facts of the encounter between Wilson and Brown are in dispute, […]

Uber Dangerous

Mothers always say never to get in a stranger’s car, but that’s exactly what many students are doing. According to a Chronicle poll of 508 students, 63 percent of upper school students have used Uber or have an Uber account, an online, app-driven car-for-hire service in which drivers provide their own vehicles. The app is […]

Major Fans

While stuck in a wheelchair after a swimming accident two summers ago, Dora Palmer ’15 entertained herself by sitting on her porch and drawing the people who walked by. After encouragement from her mother, she began sketching some of her favorite celebrities and fictional characters for practice. Soon, this way to pass time became a […]

Movie Night

Judges selected 25 films to be screened at the 11th annual Harvard-Westlake Film Festival March 14 at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. Tickets will be free and will be available at the door of the event. Each film is under 10 minutes, and a guest speaker is soon to be announced by the film […]

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