Daydreaming provides break from the ‘informational flow’

Daydreaming provides break from the ‘informational flow’

At 13 years old, Elliot Kang ’16 imagined what it would be like to be the protagonist from his favorite show, “Dragon Ball Z.” The latest episode in his series of superhero daydreams frequently interrupted his learning in math class. “I wouldn’t get much done because I would be thinking about possibilities rather than what […]

Being Involved

“What is important is that students select activities that are truly meaningful to them and that they really get involved with them,” reads UCLA’s Admissions website. “We look for long-standing dedication and significant time commitment to an activity, and we notice students’ progression to positions of leadership or recognition of achievement.” Some students keep what […]

Cirque du Sophomore

Dimmed lights set the stage; a suspended hoop dangles in wait. While not an ordinary extracurricular activity, three students have chosen to participate in the circus. Jessica Brandon ’16 and Hannah Kelson ’16 joined Emma Kofman ’16 at an aerial hoop class over the summer, and the three sophomores have since joined the pre-professional performance […]

To celebrate or not to celebrate: Kwanzaa

What is Kwanzaa? In a poll of 388 Harvard-Westlake students, 59.5 percent didn’t know. “I’m not sure if it’s just for people from Africa or African-Americans in general,” Aliyah Daniels ’14, who identifies herself as an African-American, said. “It seems like an alternative to Christmas. I guess it’s time with family and friends and food. […]

Putting on the glitz

Violet* ’15 wriggles into her Herve Leger dress and slips on a pair of heels, glancing out the window to see if the limo has arrived. She fluffs her hair — just blown out at the Dry Bar salon — with freshly manicured nails, and grins excitedly at her reflection in the mirror. This is […]

Divya Siddarth: India

In the two weeks she spent at a yoga university in Bangalore, India, Divya Siddarth’s ’14 typical day started at 5 a.m. and consisted of hours of practicing yoga, chanting and meditating. She took this trip as a recipient of the Gunter-Gross Asia Initiative Summer Fellowship. Siddarth became interested in visiting Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana […]

Sinclair Cook: China

Sinclair Cook ’14 studied the simplification of the Chinese language during his six-week trip to China as the recipient of the Gunter-Gross Asia Initiative Summer Fellowship. He focused on examining how and why the government simplified the written characters. Cook met with a linguistics professor at Nanking University in Tianjin three times, spoke to other […]

Card Duels

Sean Kiley ’14 spends his weekends dueling with dragons, mermaids and demons. His allies vary from cupcake princesses to phantom lupine helicopters, and he suffers immense damage but never gives up. A competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! player, Kiley qualified for the North American World Championship Qualifier July 12-14 at Navy Pier in Chicago. If he places high […]

Girls gone greek

Though Ryan Lash ’12 was not surprised to find herself pledging all in white as prescribed by the bid card inviting her to join Kappa Alpha Theta, she found herself unsure about the sisterhood she was about to join. “At first I wasn’t so sure about it, but once I started to make friends and […]