Some students are schooled in stocks at an early age

Some students are schooled in stocks at an early age

At age 10, Daniel Singer ’17 realized that he was making little interest off of the money in his savings account. Singer asked his father to open an account for him at E-Trade, a financial services company to help investors, and he transferred the money from his savings account to his new E-Trade account. “I […]

A Cut Above

A Cut Above

Carefully selecting a screwdriver, Eitan Sneider ’17 tosses it in his hand and prepares to launch it forward to hit the wooden board that spans his garage wall. After perfectly landing a couple of smaller, sharp hardware tools, he picks up a large machete from the assortment of knives, then targets and swings his arm […]

Tinder Makes Sparks Fly

Tinder Makes Sparks Fly

Ron* quickly swipes left on Tinder, a cellular dating app that connects people who are nearby, as he gazes through photos of numerous girls in his area. A photo of a pretty girl surfaces on his screen, and he swipes right. In less than 10 minutes, Ron secures a coffee date with her. He calls […]

Not So Free

Blake* ’16 spent his summer between ninth and 10th grade like many other students: working at a summer job. However, the money he earned for each scoop of ice cream he served went to paying a debt to his parents, one he owed after spending about $1,000 of their money in three months on the […]

High Stakes: 'Hitting Submit'

The Athlete: Summer* chose to apply Early Decision to Oberlin College and hit send on the Common Application last week. “It is not at all a Division I track school, or a sports-oriented school whatsoever, but they have been reaching toward me, and I really like the school, so I think that’s it,” Summer said. […]

High Stakes College Edition: Living the dream

Recent grads describe what it’s like now that they have achieved their goal of getting into college and are finding their way on their new campuses. Eric Greenberg ’14: Eric Greenberg ’14 enjoys the freedom that the University of Chicago gives him to manage his time. “Since you make your own schedule, you really are […]

Highstakes: Finalizing the college process

Each year the Chronicle follows the paths of four seniors through their college processes. Their identities are kept anonymous until the final issue. The Artist: Blair* spent a month in Dublin, Ireland studying acting at Trinity College. Blair recorded various types of songs at the studio, such as Irish Folk songs. She plans to attend […]

Going public

As a freshman at UC Berkeley, Solange Etessami ’13 regaled her friends with tales of her high school cafeteria. For many of those students who had come from public high schools, the idea that a cafeteria would have a boba and smoothie bar was incredible. “Culture shock is a good word for it,” she said. […]

The Final Decision

Jackie Ridgley, The All-Around Having been admitted to Columbia University early decision, Jackie Ridgley ’14 decided to attend the school’s admitted students weekend. There she had the opportunity to meet other admitted students as well as spend time on campus. Ridgley particularly enjoyed participating in a bus tour of New York and meeting with one […]

Race to the top

The first thing Avery* ’13 did after finding out that she had been accepted to college was buy a school sweatshirt. A week later, it was buried under a pile of laundry and dirty socks in her closet. “I stopped wearing it because I was tired of the comments,” Avery said. “I felt self-conscious. Usually […]