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(bottom left) Tiana Coles ’16 is the youngest of five siblings, some of whom already have children.
(bottom, right) Jenna Thompson ’16 is younger than her two sisters, both of whom live in other cities.
(top right) Siblings of Henry Platt ’17 returned to Harvard-Westlake to watch Platt’s performance in the upper school musical “Company” last fall.
(top, left) Jona Yadidi ’16 and Noa Yadidi ’14, right, sightsee in Jerusalem with their baby brother Seth Yadidi. Printed with permission of Jenna Thompson, Jona Yadidi, Henry Platt and Tiana Coles

Bridging the Gap

Sharon Chow March 18, 2015

As the youngest of three children, Jenna Thompson ’16 first noticed the age gap between herself and her sisters when she was six years old. She and her middle sister stopped playing together because...

Oh Baby

Rachel Schwartz February 13, 2013

When AP Chemistry teacher Krista McClain found out she was pregnant, her greatest worry was not the prospect of becoming completely responsible for another person. "My biggest concern wasn’t about becoming...

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