Council plans more events as deadline nears

By Alice Phillips As the May 27 deadline to complete community service nears, 596 out of 860 students have not yet completed their community service requirement, according to the list posted in the Chalmers hallway, approximately 69 percent of the student body. “There are groups of 10 to 15 kids who did individual projects that […]

Students volunteer for TreePeople at second Community Council event

By Anna Etra Sixteen students planted trees on Oct. 18 at an event organized by the Community Council. The 16 sophomores, juniors and seniors gathered at the Upper School and took a bus to the Castle Heights neighborhood with math teacher Ashley Satterthwaite-Johnson. Upon arrival, the students planted with a group of volunteers attending the […]

Environmental Club plans events to give back to Earth

In honor of Earth Day, Monday the Environmental Club provided free ice cream, served in cones to minimize trash, for students who reduce their daily carbon emissions by carpooling or taking the bus to school.  Additionally, Al Gore’s  global warming film “An Inconvenient Truth” was shown at break in the Student Lounge.  On Sunday, the […]