Different sorts of love

The first time I told my girlfriend I loved her, she didn’t believe me. “How can you love me,” she asked, “when on Monday you said you didn’t even want to be in a relationship with me?” She had a point. It was only a few days prior to my declaration of love that I’d […]

Chinese AP educators postpone visit to school

By Julius Pak The visit of a contingent of high school teachers from Beijing has been postponed. The trip has been delayed due to visa problems and has been rescheduled to early 2012, Associate Head of School and Head of Athletics Audrius Barzdukas said. The group of six from Beijing No. 12 High School, which […]

Taking a hand

By Chloe Lister   As the last minutes of my sophomore year ticked away, I was preoccupied with thoughts of sunshine and freedom from any sort of schoolwork. While my friends hopped onto planes with destinations like Paris or Beijing, I would stay at home to return for my second year as a counselor at […]