Workshop to discuss internship process

Teachers and alumni will instruct students on how to write resumes, succeed in interviews and select an internship during a workshop in the Kutler Center on Feb. 25. Students will also have the chance to browse internships on the school website as a part of the HW Works initiative. Math and computer science teacher Paula […]

Colleges push back early deadlines

More than two dozen colleges extended their Early Action and Early Decision application deadlines in the face of potential East Coast power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy that would prevent students without access to a working computer from submitting their applications. Many of the extensions apply only to students living in areas affected by the storm. “These extensions […]

Deans re-emphasize dress code

Dean Beth Slattery warned girls during sophomore, junior and senior class meetings that they would be forced to wear a sweat suit or go home to change if they continued coming to school wearing scant clothing. The Student/Parent Handbook lays out a dress code to “create an environment in which all students, teachers and staff […]