It’s all the little things

The Harvard-Westlake experience is unique to say the least. Often you will flounder, suffer and have an occasional breakdown. Then a bright moment comes around when the clouds have cleared and rainbows and butterflies appear. To ensure more moments that bring joy rather than pain, I have taken inspiration from a former opinion section managing […]

Take a step back and make memories you’ll never forget

Opening up the Google document, I was presented with a workload survey that would take me a good 20 minutes to fill out. Finally I reached the last section that instructed me to answer three free response questions. It asked what I liked about Harvard-Westlake, what I didn’t and what I would like to change. […]

Embrace your childhood

There’s always that one adult in your life telling you to not rush growing up, that there will always be a time and place for everything, and, well, that you’ll get there eventually. While that little tidbit of knowledge does carry meaning, for us teenagers it rarely resonates. My mom would always chide me for […]

Auditions hit the 60s

The countdown has begun. A total of 44 days remains until Nov. 8,  opening night. The cast and crew have 40 more rehearsal days. Before those numbers gained meaning to the cast of “Hairspray,” every member had to go through a process that spanned more than two weeks: auditions. A total of 67 students auditioned […]

Already feeling swamped

Starting at the moment you reach the upper school, it hits you. Each year that sensation multiplies until it slowly dictates your life. We all deal with stress in different ways. Some choose to wallow in it doing nothing about it. Others drown themselves in work hoping to somehow lighten that burden. Most people assume […]

Dancers to perform encore to ARC show

Advanced Dance I will have an encore performance of its yearly outreach showcase tonight for students, teachers and family in the dance studio. Members of the class also held a showcase for ARC, a nonprofit organization that helps individuals with developmental disabilities on Dec. 12. The show’s theme, Outer Space, followed a young boy, played […]

iCan't see anymore

A week before first grade, I stood in the hallway of my pediatrician’s office reading off the eye chart.  The large letters presented no problems, but as the letters decreased in size, so did my ability to read them. Ten years later, a week before I began junior year, a similar scenario took place. This […]

Faculty learns basic CPR skills in training

Faculty and staff were offered a CPR training session as part of a new school wide initiative. Interested members of faculty and staff met on Tuesday, Aug. 28, in the newly renovated lounge in Chalmers Hall. A certified EMT from Joffe Emergency Services led the course. Participation in this first session was optional due to […]