Blog My Life

Blog My Life

Preparing for her next photo shoot for her blog “bylaureng,” Lauren Genender ’17 carefully chooses outfits for each of her friends who will be modeling for her that day. Genender picks an interesting location by her house to set the mood that she is trying to create. Named after the hair-tie business that she started […]

Investigation clears Levin

An investigation found allegations of sexual misconduct by Chief Financial Officer Rob Levin to be unsubstantiated, President Rick Commons wrote in an email to the community Thursday. Levin has been on a leave of absence from teaching while the school investigated the allegations posted on an anonymous blog purportedly written by a former student from […]

GLI delegates blog from United Nations

March 7th So, I don’t know if anyone else obsessively checks the New York Times app on their smartphone like me (or, if you’re in Mazelle Etessami’s ’14 boat, the Associated Press app), but I’m sure you must all have known about North Korea’s threat today to wage nuclear war on the U.S. and on […]

Thinking about change

What am I most afraid of? Change. I would not consider myself a conservative person. I like things to be different and evolving, but, at the same time, I am frightened by change. I am currently living in Beijing, China as part of the high school foreign exchange program School Year Abroad. Of course moving […]

Christmas in Beijing

I am an orphan, but only for two weeks. Besides me, there are about 10 other orphans, and we have all banded together and made a Skype group, which we have cleverly titled The Orphans. Our namesake is the fact that we have been left alone in Beijing, where we have been living since August […]

Remembering where I am

“In Section 6b, enter our school name and address,” said the proctor for the P.S.A.T. With my yellow, #2 Dixon Ticonderoga pencil I wrote School Year Abroad China, 12 Xin Jie Kou Wai, Beijing, and, then, I remembered –– I am in China. As one of my classmates likes to joke, “Last night, I went […]

Picture perfect

It seems to me that very few things appear in real life exactly as they do in pictures. Pictures, often, are touched up and taken on just the perfect day, but, when I got to the Great Wall of China, I felt as if I had been sucked into the pages of a National Geographic […]

Subway guilt

Have you ever felt guilty for eating a submarine sandwich? I have. It happened in Beijing, where I am spending my junior year of high school with the foreign exchange program School Year Abroad, at a Subway in between a café and a McDonalds. If only the café was a Starbucks and the Subway sold […]

Jet lag, culture lag

I have been trying to go to China since I was 7 years old. I was the kid who spent his recesses desperately scraping at the ground hoping to one day see a dragon or Mulan popping out of the sand. Now, with the help of the high school foreign exchange program School Year Abroad, […]