School addresses bullying, marginalization following security threat

Affinity groups and counselors addressed bullying and marginalization on campus after a threatening social media message posted by Jonathan Martin ’08 alluded to bullying. The post resulted in school closure Feb. 23. Martin expressed that his resentment toward the school emerged from the isolation he experienced as one of the few minority students on campus […]

Called Out: catcalling not a compliment, girls say

Called Out: catcalling not a compliment, girls say

Balancing in the gutter of Coldwater Canyon, Veronica Crow ’16 turned away from the truck full of men whistling at her and continued walking with her mother. For all the times men have catcalled her, she has been taught it’s safest to ignore them. It’s happened to her less than 10 feet from school, at […]

Virtual Venom: The effects of cyberbullying

Virtual Venom: The effects of cyberbullying

“Fat,” “ugly” and “slut” burn into Lola’s* ’18 mind as she scrolls through a Facebook page with line after line of scathing attacks. As a seventh grader reading comments suggesting she should kill herself, she has never forgotten the feeling to this day. “I felt so small and that everyone hated me,” Lola said. “I […]

Administration bans anonymous polling app

Due to complaints of bullying, the administration blocked the location-based, anonymous polling app What’s Goodly from the school Wi-Fi network April 16. Students have still been able to access the app by disconnecting their devices from the Wi-Fi and using cellular data instead. Assistant to the Head of the Upper School Michelle Bracken said she […]

Big Red Spring 2014: The Bullying Effect

Jonathan Martin ’08 wants to be left alone. After being bullied by his teammates and leaving the NFL Dolphins, Jonathan Martin’s ’08 harassment controversy has sparked many debates on the topic of bullying, including that of what he claims happened in his high school career. Martin claims his negative experience stems from his education in […]

Big Red Spring 2014: Connecting the Dots

A short time after the story first broke in October 2013 of Jonathan Martin ’08 leaving the Miami Dolphins and claiming he had been bullied by teammates, I briefly discussed the subject with one Wolverine sports coach, who noted to me how remarkable it was that Harvard-Westlake had not just one, but two athletics alumni […]

Martin '08 traded to San Francisco 49ers

In October 2013, former Wolverine football lineman Jonathan Martin ’08 ignited a national bullying debate after leaving the NFL Miami Dolphins and claiming to be bullied by his Miami teammates. Now, Martin will get the chance to start anew in his home state of California, as the alumnus was traded from the Dolphins to the […]

Martin ’08 leaves NFL team, sparks national bullying debate

Jonathan Martin ’08 spent three years serving as both a sentinel for quarterbacks John Howe ’07 and Sean Berman ’09 on the offensive line and as a predator for opposing backfields on the defensive line. Martin contributed to a new winning trend for the Wolverine football team, which moved upward from its 2-8 record the […]