Kickstarter Kids: students in the business world

Kickstarter Kids: students in the business world

Standing in the Tuff warehouse in San Diego, Jonathan Damico ’18 and Cameron Schiller ’18 looked at the first prototype of the backpack that had once been just an idea they had dreamed of. As they stared at the backpack they had seen drawn hundreds of times, the white “Mk 1” writing stitched into the […]

Next Generation of Investment club increases financial literacy

The startup company Next Generation of Investors, known as NextGenVest, is working with a new student club to teach the importance of financial education to students. NextGenVest was created through Grand Central Tech as a company that helps start-up businesses in New York City. The company hopes to increase financial literacy in young adults through […]

Sweet Tooth

Sloane Chmara ’15 opens the refrigerator door on a Monday morning and grabs the pan of crumbled graham crackers and sugar with chocolate ganache in the middle and marshmallows sprinkled on top. Chmara baked the bars the night before, and allowed them to refrigerate overnight. She slices them into squares, calling them s’mores bars and […]

Happy birthday ‘Doll Face’

On her birthday last July, Tess Kemper ’15 pulled the ribbon off the gift her parents had given her and peered inside. Inside was a product catalog for a cosmetic company called Doll Face. The last page read, “Happy Birthday, Tess! You’re a doll face, and it’s now your company.” “My parents always knew that […]

Surf’s up thanks to board builder

Colin Lynch ’14 spends many hours in his garage, cutting down large pieces of foam which will eventually be turned into surfboards. “The process of making surfboards takes a lot of time and is not cheap, but riding the board that you want makes it all worth it,” Lynch said. To make a surfboard, Lynch […]