Keepin' it clutch

His car has three pedals and operating them requires a careful maneuvering process. With his left foot, Ben Gaylord ’13 gradually releases the clutch, while with his right, he slowly presses down on the accelerator. He waits for the feel of first gear clicking into place before he releases the clutch entirely and accelerates into […]

Nike sponsors SAAC shirts

The Student Athletic Advisory Council’s apparel received Nike’s first sponsorship of a high school organization. Natalie Florescu ’13 created the shirt on After other SAAC members approved the design, SAAC adviser and Athletics Director Darlene Bible submitted the shirt to Nike, who agreed to print the shirt as part of their “My School” apparel. Florescu […]

Perform at hospitals to cheer up sick children and elderly patients

The Harvard Westlake Outreach Performance Club, started by Tigist Menkir ’14, will put on plays for the Children’s Hospital and a nursing home this year. HWOP (prounounced “hope”), currently plans on performing a shorter version of “Arabian Nights” as one of their two performances, as well as a stage reading of “A Happy Journey” by […]