Researching new fields

By Eojin Choi Injecting experiment mice, dissecting them and making blocks of their hearts were among many of the tasks Crystal Ho ’12, Megan Kawasaki ’12, Christina Yang ’12 and alumnus Hank Adelmann ’11 executed at their summer internship at Moshe Arditi’s Infectious Disease lab at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Ho and Yang both found out […]

Hooked on hookah

By Allegra Tepper Giselle* ’11 sits with her sister and mother at the dinner table.  Outside the window to her sister’s apartment are the crowded streets of a Middle Eastern city, where, according to Giselle, hookahs are an inescapable fixture.  Her mother passes her the hose and she takes another puff; it’s customary to gather […]

Alumnus featured on medical shows

By Sam Adams “Diagnosis X”, a real life medical drama on TLC, recently featured Dr. Zach Lutsky ’93 on the episode “Family Secrets”. The episode originally aired on Sept. 12th, and was a reenactment of a case that Lutsky had during his residency. A “once in a career case,” as Lutsky calls it, the episode […]